Dog Food Selector

– Science in the service of the healthy nutrition of your dog –



DogFoodSelector is the unique application based on the scientific principles of the healthy nutrition, which allows you to select the best food that gives your dog the best opportunity for a long and healthy life.

Select the correct options for your pet and DogFoodSelector will present recommendations for selection of the best food products that are available on your market or it will advice you in selection of nutrients for the home-made food.


What should your dog eat to be healthy?

This is an especially important question because the well-being of your dog depends on
making smart decisions about the foods. In the past, this decision-making process
required the use of specific scientific knowledge that was not always available to
general public. In order to make smart decisions about the appropriate food for your
dog you need simple methods that allow you to filter out important information
concerning the food on the market.

Scientists at Biomed Protection have developed a simple criterion, which allows you to
establish the healthy eating habits for your dog.


Biomed Protection criterion for functional selection of dog food

Dog food is divided into two groups according to the basic physico-chemical parameters
of nutrients: [A simple method for calculation of basic molecular properties of nutrients and their use as a criterion for a healthy diet. F1000Research, 2017]:

(i) energy and growth driving food
(ii) health protective food

Food from the group (i) provides energy and building material necessary for growth,
maintaining and repair of the organism of your dog.
Food from the group (ii) supports biological processes protecting your dog against
inflammation, cancer, aging-associated diseases and infectious diseases.


Mobile Application

The mobile App DogFoodSelector is the first nutrition App for dogs which is based on the
fundamental science. This App does not offer you information about
calories, carbs, fat, fiber, proteins and vitamins in dog’s food, but helps you
in selection of the healthy nutrition that is in accord with specific needs of
your dog.


The installation of the DogFoodSelector app can be found here:     Google-Play-Icon