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New scientific concept of HEALTHY EATING: no restricted foodstuffs, no restricted diet, only the proper choice of food according to your personal daily needs.




Is there a general prescription for the healthy eating?

No. It is a personal decision/category, which should depend on numerous individual factors (health status, age, physical and mental activity, exposure to health risk factors, etc.) that are time-dependent and can be modified daily.

Is there diet which can satisfy personal needs for healthy eating?

No. There is no diet which can fulfill personal requirements for healthy eating.
Each diet (hundreds are available in the database) promotes the specific concept of nutrition which targets the general population.

What is the solution?

Scientists from Biomed Protection have divided food into three groups according to the basic physico-chemical parameters of nutrients [A simple method for calculation of basic molecular properties of nutrients and their use as a criterion for a healthy diet. F1000Research, 2017]:

(i) energy and growth driving food
(ii) health protective food
(iii) building food

Food from the group (i) provides molecules that serve as fuel for our organism.
Food from the group (ii) supports molecular processes protecting our organism against inflammation, cancer, aging-associated diseases and infectious diseases.
Food from the group (iii) provides building material necessary for growth, maintaining and repair of our organism.

Food from groups (i) and (ii) are especially important because they contain nutrients that influence metabolic processes determining our daily physical and mental activities and that are essential for protection of our health. For example, if you are planning some hard office work or strong physical exercise or if you are exhausted by illness your diet should preferentially contain food from the group (i). If you are at health risk (e.g older people, people suffering from chronic disease, etc.) you should use diet which is rich in food from the group (ii). For moderately active and for healthy people the best choice is diet with the balanced food from groups (i) and (ii).

Nature gives two best examples of the energy and growth driving food (HUMAN MILK) and the health protective food (POMEGRANATE).

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Mobile Application

The mobile App BioMedPro-FoodSelector allows you to build your own diet in accord with your immediate personal needs: health status (suffering from chronic disease or hereditary predisposition to these diseases, recovering from flu or other infectious disease, recovering from surgery or chemotherapy), hard office or physical work and exposure to the health risk factors (infectious diseases, toxic agents, radiation, stress).


Please feel free to try our application. The installation of the FoodSelector app can be found here:     Google-Play-Icon